Random Thoughts Again

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Re: Random Thoughts Again

Postby PSUgrower » Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:52 am

sameoldlama wrote:
LioninVa wrote:_dad mentioned watching Cops. I watch LivePD on the occasional Friday or Saturday evening when there is nothing better to watch. For the most part, this accounts for my run ins with law enforcement (aside from the occasional voice mail that police are coming to get me if I don't pay some fine). While I am sure there are some bad, if not corrupt, cops out there, that can be said about just about any profession; just look at the scandals at tOSU and Maryland. But I want to believe that most of the profession is honest and hard working. The job of a policeman sucks; I mean, you never know what is coming around the corner or on the radio. Sadly, anything can happen and a lot of the options are dangerous or life threatening. Yet, most of them run towards the danger to protect us. The ones that go over the top and use excessive force need to be held accountable. The ones that do it right need to not be bunched in with those who do not. Easier said than done, however...

Agreed 1000%.

(I watch the show sometimes too - not as good as the COPS - that's an all time classic).

Live PD t is way better than cops because COPs can be edited. Live PD is Live. There is zero editing! I love to watch Deadliest Catch but it is edited so I never know if the producers added drama or if it was real drama. Editing can change the narrative!!

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Re: Random Thoughts Again

Postby Carl Spackler » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:29 am

I've enjoined Deadliest Catch since it originated, sure miss Capt. Phil. Show isn't the same w/o him.

The Gold Rush show was fun at the beginning too but its become more of a soap opera with Mr. potty mouth jerk lording his power over everyone. Parker being a jerk when things don't go his way and Oh why can't I remember the 3rd guy's name, the chubby man who is wildly incompetent and spends money on equipment that is wrong, doesn't work or isn't large enough for the job, constantly. I heard he has left the show meaning some of the entertainment value is gone. Maybe Rick will fill in now that he has left Parker's crew to branch out on his own which he needed to do for years, he was wildly unappreciated by Parker.

Occasionally watch the Tuna fishing show and and the Air Disaster show. It is incredible what the crews and passengers go through in air disasters.

Currently watching a show where parents are complaining about their children buying and abusing illegal drugs and either killing themselves or damaging themselves permanently. It's tragic but no one put a gun to their head to make them do it, it was a choice they made themselves unless they imbibed a drink laced with it. Of course, the answer is to make new laws making it more difficult for legal patients to obtain their already legally prescribed medications. That will take care of all the home brewed, smuggled fentanyl and heroin those legitimate, legal patients never use, coming into the country by the tons for street junkie sales, I understand perfectly Jeffy Sessions you putz. Next you will propose banning alcohol, why not, that should work just as well and more folks likely die from booze than street drugs. Depending on who is counting what that is. I'd check the internet but its still closed for the night. ;)
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Re: Random Thoughts Again

Postby Crowbar » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:30 am

I agree that Deadliest Catch hasn't been the same since Phil Harris died. Still quality television though. Can't get into Wicked Tuna for some reason.

That other show you're watching must be Intervention. I watched that a few times, but that show depresses me. Drugs Inc on Nat Geo is better.
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Re: Random Thoughts Again

Postby sameoldlama » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:21 am

Blue&White wrote:Your beat cop is no longer policing every crime in the city - like in Prohibition era - you now have agencies like the ICE, DEA, ATF dealing with the more dangerous situations. Police are also better equipped in terms of things like body armor and training. Advance in medical treatment impact those numbers - 30 years ago the cop in video shot by my boyhood home is a casualty.

The first part of that is patently false. It is simply not true that you have federal authorities dealing with more dangerous situations. Those are limited agencies with very specific jurisdictions. And they don't have a ton of people. They are not nearly the force the local cops are. Second, most every time there is a story about a cop getting shot it's usually one of 3 situations - a cop pulls someone over and someone in the car opens fire, a cop stumbles upon a situation, or the police show up to some kind of domestic disturbance. It's not the TV or movies. Cops are generally not getting into these epic gun battles. It is overwhelmingly some mundane, every day thing they do where someone gets shot.

I'll be sure to let my friends in law enforcement know you disagree with them - they've told me when they execute high risk / high level raids related to drug trafficking, weapons, human trafficking that they are done in conjunction with federal agencies with the Feds taking lead role. While the federal agencies are smaller they tend to address the higher risk, higher level arrests than local police.
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Re: Random Thoughts Again

Postby Blue&White » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:32 am

What % of the job is that? 5%? I don't doubt the feds show up for the glory stuff. I do seriously doubt that is really he higher risk stuff. Raids are not generally where cops are killed. You can find the statistics pretty easily. Ignoring accidents (which I think is the majority of deaths while on duty), they get killed basically as I laid it out - traffic stops, domestic disturbance calls, and walking in on something. That's the majority. And, of those 3, I'd wager that the the most dangerous situation is a domestic disturbance call. Not every person with a gun is going to have it in their car, but every person with a gun probably has it in their home when they are there.
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Re: Random Thoughts Again

Postby Blue&White » Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:16 pm

So, I was just reading through some of the PA AG's report on the over 1,000 incidents of child abuse and molestation on over 300 kids in Pennsylvania.

I think I'm going to be sick. Holy shit. Hollywood hasn't written a script for a horror movie that matches some of this. The depravity is unreal.

People better be going to jail. And, not just the perpetrators. The enablers. The administrators who shuffled these monsters from parish to parish. Those bastards need to go to jail. And not country club jail. I'm talking an actual don't-drop-the-soap pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

If you've not started reading the report, I suggest you not. At least not on a full stomach.
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Re: Random Thoughts Again

Postby Blue&White » Thu Aug 16, 2018 10:20 am

Aretha Franklin dead at 76.

Rest in peace. Or, is it R.E.S.P.E.C.T in peace?
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Re: Random Thoughts Again

Postby psu_dad » Thu Aug 16, 2018 10:38 am

Don't you blasphme in here.
Don't you blasphme in here!

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Re: Random Thoughts Again

Postby Blue&White » Thu Aug 16, 2018 10:48 am

Her scene in The Blues Brothers is actually my all time favorite AF moment.
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Re: Random Thoughts Again

Postby Shore Lion » Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:42 pm

You better think about the consequences of your actions!

I actually just met Lou Marini aka Blue Lou last month . He was the fry guy in that scene who threw his hair net on the floor and walked out with Matt Guitar Murphy. Who also recently died btw. Blue Lou was awesome. He is currently in James Taylor's All Star Band and he talked to my buddy and I backstage for at least 15 minutes. He's played with everybody and it was so cool talking to him. James and his whole band walked down to the stage. It was at Nat's Park. They opened for the Eagles. Each Eagle had their own golf cart and someone drove them from the dressing rooms and down the ramp to the back of the stage. Just shows ya the degree of "famous and important" I guess. Joe Walsh looks absolutely terrified before he goes on stage by the way.