These are a few more of my favorite peeves

Carl Spackler
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Re: These are a few more of my favorite peeves

Postby Carl Spackler » Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:05 am

Not wanting to kick a dead horse, morbid, this is what we ran into last Sat. People are so self centered, self important, oblivious, entitled, arrogant, on and on the list grows. People we know so peripherally as to not justify more than three mins. of conversation tried to tie us up for a half hour at a funeral. One was very small, not in stature but in experience and social cognizance. The other was on a mission to tell me something but took so long to do so that I had to cut her off although she didn't get the hint of course and someone else cut her off physically, thank goodness.

These were not millennial(s) who have their own issues but more physically mature types who have never grown socially and lack common courtesy. Of course, common courtesy is uncommon to the point of nearly being extinct. We discussed this on our trip home, its remarkable that the lack of awareness of the setting and distance one travels to attend seems to make no difference to some. They target you and want to dominate you with their stories or woe, physical infirmity, gossip, local news, personal info no one wants to hear and so on. When you have to cut them off, and I'm quite polite, they do not get it.

Don't get me started on courtesy on the roads, it rarely exists. B&W's parking lot experience is common, they walk down the middle of the lane looking for their car as if it moved. No, it is where you left it pal and by the way you can walk to one side so I can pass without hitting you. Attending a PSU game many years ago, maybe in the late 70's we ended up parked in the middle of a group having a party. Fine, party away but do not set your wine bottle on the hood of my car and then proceed to sit on my car yourself, talk about the entitled self important type. We backed out, to jeering by the group, and drove to the end of the row where the parking guy said he wondered how long we would put up with what he saw. Thanks for helping. Any way life is full of these inconsiderate types and I'm sure I've probably done some inconsiderate things unknowingly and unaware at times, it happens yet I don't make a life's work of it. Please, just say no to inconsideration.