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Class of 2015 Recruiting

Discussion about the future of Penn State.

Class of 2015 Recruiting

Postby PennState03Chris » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:31 am

Figured that we'd get this started, as the staff has been pursuing some of these kids since this past Spring. These are kids who will sign their letters of intent in February of 2015 and be true freshmen in the Fall of 2015. Long ways off, but that's the nature of the beast these days. At least it isn't like lacrosse, where many high schoolers commit to a college after their freshman season.

* denotes an offer. According to Lions247, the staff has sent out 48 offers to 2015 kids. Many more, particularly at certain positions (QB), are taking longer to go out - likely to allow the staff to watch more film of their junior seasons.


One of the two offers out is to the #1 dual threat QB in the nation - Torrance Gibson. The kid has offers from everyone, and we don't seem to be a player.

*NJ 4* Brandon Wimbush
PA 4* Brett Brumbaugh

The above two seem to be the main targets right now. However, there have been QBs from states far away who are indicating that they want to come visit Penn State. This is very much a "wait and watch junior film" position before offers go out, although the staff supposedly likes both Wimbush and Brumbaugh.


Penn State has put out 6 offers to RBs so far. 5 are still on the table, and 3 of them are from the south - which means unlikely that we'll even get a visit.

*PA 4* Andre Robinson
*PA 4* Josh Adams

Robinson is a McDevitt kid, while Adams plays for CB South. Both seem to be low key guys, especially Adams. Robinson was up for the Michigan game. I think we have a good chance at one of the two. Whether we take 1 or 2 RBs may depend upon whether the staff adds a 3rd RB to the 2014 class.


*NY 4* Tyrone Wheatley Jr.
OH 3*/4* CJ Conrad
CT Unranked Chris Clark

Wheatley is supposed to visit this Fall, but is obviously a Michigan legacy. Conrad grew up an Ohio State fan, but loves the way that OB uses TEs and wants an offer. Clark, iirc, impressed at a summer camp and, again iirc, would be all PSU if an offer came his way.


*NJ 4* Juwan Johnson
*TN 4* Van Jefferson

We have 5 offers out there, but, again, some are in far away places, and can't be taken seriously until they decide to visit. Honestly, the talk on the WR front is almost non-existent. We do have 3 guys signed for 2014, which is probably part of it. I list Johnson only because he's from NJ and visited for the UM game. Jefferson is the son of a Titans assistant coach, and earned an offer after camping at Penn State this summer. He'll probably be a tough pull, however.


*ID 4* Tristen Hoge
*PA 4* Sterling Jenkins
*MD 4* Isaiah Prince
*PA 4* Ryan Bates
*NJ 4* Grant Newsome
*VA 4* Austin Clark

Inside guys...
*DC 4* Richie Petitbon
NJ 4* Steven Gonzalez

Lots of offensive line talent in our region for 2015. Bates has been to Penn State probably going on a dozen times now. Jenkins was up for the team BBQ over the summer, and returned for the UM game. Those two seem like, at this early stage, the ones most interested in Penn State, although the others either have or will visit at some point. Have to imagine that we go heavy on linemen in 2015.


Outside guys...
*MD 3*/4* Darius Fullwood
*VA 3*/4* Harry Lewis

Inside guys...

We've offered a few DEs, but Fullwood seems to really like Penn State, and Lewis appears interested and open to Penn State. The other DE offers don't elicit much discussion. We have offered 1 DT (CT 4* Christian Wilkins), but I haven't heard a peep since we offered a while ago.


*OH 3*/4* Chris Green
*OH 4*/5* Justin Hilliard
*VA 4* Ricky DeBerry
*OH 4* Jerome Baker
PA 3* Jake Cooper

Green is the most recent offer, and jumped quickly at the chance to visit for the UM game. Hilliard is a big time player, and, at least how the story goes, was going to be in town for the UM before sustaining an injury in his game Friday night. Hilliard's brother plays at Iowa, and Ohio State is obviously in play. Baker is a big time player, but I think his father really loves Ohio State. DeBerry might very well turn into a rush end by the time he's done growing (6'2" 240 before his junior season).


*NJ 4* Minkah Fitzpatrick
*PA 4* John Reid
*NJ 4* Kareem Ali
*PA 4* Jordan Whitehead

Reid claims no favorites, but he keeps appearing at Penn State. He's kind of the same story as OL Ryan Bates. Reid is also the top rated player in PA. Ali has made it very clear that he loves Penn State, and that we are his clear favorite. Fitzpatrick is one hell of a player, with offers from everyone. Lions247 said that he was easily the best player at any position during PSU's summer camps. He wanted to be at the UM game, but had practice. He'll be a tough pull. These kids, also, are all listed at CBs. Have to think that our bigger need would be safety.


Some other notes:

PA has seven players in the 247sports Top 247. Penn State has offered 6 of them.

OH has eight players in the Top 247. We've offered the top 3 in Ohio, along with #15 Chris Green. #16 TE CJ Conrad is also on the radar.

NJ has eleven players in the Top 247. Many of them either have offers or are on the radar.

MD only has four in the Top 247. We've only offered 2 of the top 10 from Maryland.

VA has eleven in the Top 247. We've offered a good number of VA kids, but seem to only be in it for 3 of them.

Keep in mind that we have 48 offers out right now for what will most likely be a full class of 25.

Hope that wasn't too much rambling...
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Re: Class of 2015 Recruiting

Postby PennState03Chris » Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:59 am

Updated to denote an offer to QB Brandon Wimbush.
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Re: Class of 2015 Recruiting

Postby gmay10 » Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:49 am

I saw RB Andre Robsinson, from Bishop McDevitt, run all over my hometown team last night to capture a district crown. He had 21 rushes for 296 yards. He looked really good. I will say that the secondary for Manheim Central was very depleted. With that being said, the kid still ran for almost 300 yards which is no small feat.

Manheim played without an actual QB for at least half of the game. Both of their QBs got hurt and they were running out of the wildcat once that happened. It was actually perplexing that the coaching staff for Manheim didn't adjust more. BM knew Manheim was going to run the ball so they stacked 15 guys in the box to stuff the run. BTW- McDevitt shouldn't even be in triple A, they should be a quad A team.
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Re: Class of 2015 Recruiting

Postby PennState03Chris » Mon Feb 10, 2014 11:58 am

Some updates, since things change both with time and coaching changes. And, we have a Junior Day this coming Saturday, which will see a number of these kids on campus. Many others will visit at some point this Spring.

Some names to keep an eye on (most are 3* or 4* prospects):

NJ QB Brandon Wimbush appeared bound for Ohio State prior to Franklin arriving at Penn State. His interest has peaked and he may very well be ours to lose.

The main RB targets right now are McDevitt's Andre Robinson and fellow PA RB Saquan Barkley. Robinson's offer list includes the likes of Ohio State and Notre Dame, although he doesn't seem like the typical McDevitt "Go anywhere but Penn State" kind of kid. Barkley committed to Rutgers last summer, but he won't stick there. He was at the Michigan game this past Fall.

Josh Adams is an athlete from Eastern PA, who likes Penn State.

WRs might be few and far between with our haul of 4 this past cycle. Keep an eye on Tennessee's Van Jefferson. His dad coaches the Titans, and they like Franklin. Van's interest in Penn State trended higher with the Franklin hire. He also likes Ohio State, although this father is skeptical about Urban Meyer's ability to develop a WR.

CT TE Chris Clark loved Penn State when O'Brien was here. Strangely, he didn't pick up an offer until Franklin arrived. Clark has offers from the likes of Ohio State (although, always take the Ohio State "offer" with a grain of salt. Most Ohio State "offers" simply mean, "We like you and will let you know at a future point whether we would accept your commitment). Clark would be a blocking tight end, compared to guys like Kyle Carter or Mike Geiscki.

OL will be a plenty, although it will be interesting to see how many we take after Franklin took two lower rated kids late in the 2014 cycle. Some names are PA players Sterling Jenkins (Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State thought to be favorites) and Ryan Bates (Penn State thought to be the favorite), NJ players Steven Gonzalez and Grant Newsome, and VA players Richie Pettibon and Austin Clark. Franklin and staff have also offered a number of other kids scattered around the country. One name is OH OL George Brown Jr. Some players like to claim that they have offers that they don't really have, in order to try to build their stock and momentum. Brown is one of them. He claims ~50 scholarship offers, although most of the recruiting folks think the majority of the biggest ones don't actually exist. Most of those same recruiting folks have him pegged for Kentucky. However, Brown was one of Franklin's first 2015 offers upon arriving at Penn State.

The DLine is gaining traction. MD DE Darius Fullwood was thought to be an LJ guy, and now is showing a lot of interest in Ohio State. I think he's supposed to at Penn State this Spring, however, so we'll see. Adam McLean is another DE from MD, and Franklin is after him. Yet another MDer Kamonte Carter was thought to be all-PSU before the coaching change. He may still be all-PSU, but he'll take a little longer to commit now. PA DE Ryan Buchholz was offered recently and he is likely a Nittany Lion sooner rather than later IF his offer is "committable." CT DT Christian Wilkins is the only DT with whom we have a shot. Our staff was through recently to see him.

OH LB Chris Green was high on PSU's board under OB, but has yet to hear from the new staff. PA LB Jake Cooper was recently offered by Franklin and should be a Nittany Lion sooner than later. OH LB Justin Hilliard is the highest rated LB that we've offered, but only gave lip service to OB. We'll see if Franklin and crew have any better luck. OH LB Jerome Baker was a similar deal, although it was and is his dad pushing Ohio State above all else. Jerome likes Penn State, grew up rooting for them, and talks about wanting to visit. But, it never fails that the Penn State trips always fall through while his dad seems to trip over his own feet to go visit Ohio State and take pictures with Urban Meyer.

PA DBs Jordan Whitehead and John Reid are probably the top two realistic targets on our board. NJ CB Minkah Fitzpatrick is the top rated DB on our board, and has stated that he'll visit for a Spring practice, but he seems to prefer SEC schools such as Alabama. Fitzpatrick is a teammate of QB Brandon Wimbush. We'll see how many DBs we take after pulling in 6 in 2014.


Of note, after Franklin's "dominate the state" comments... we've offered the top 7 in PA, along with #11 and #19. 2-3 others may see offers down the road. We at least fall into the "as good a shot as anybody" for all of those guys.
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Re: Class of 2015 Recruiting

Postby Nittany Flier » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:34 pm

There was a good article in the Altoona Mirror on Feb 9 about the potential 2015 class. There were several other names mentioned. I do not have time to list all of them now, however I believe the article can be accessed on-line. Worth reading.
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Re: Class of 2015 Recruiting

Postby PennState03Chris » Sat Feb 15, 2014 2:55 pm

Big Junior Day at Penn State today. 4 of the top 5 in PA are in town, and 2 of the other top 6 will be up this Spring. Jerome Baker, whom I mentioned never makes it, actually did make it to PSU. Some other names mentioned above also made it, or will make it up soon. Some kids who would have been there didn't make it due to high school basketball playoffs in PA and NJ.
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Re: Class of 2015 Recruiting

Postby PennState03Chris » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:51 pm

We picked up 3 today:

MD 4* DE Kamonte Carter
CT 2* S Jarvis Miller
PA 4* OG Ryan Bates
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Re: Class of 2015 Recruiting

Postby Crowbar » Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:20 am

How many schollies does he have to offer this year? Is it 20? Or are we back to 25?
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Re: Class of 2015 Recruiting

Postby pennst92 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:10 pm

That's a good start to the class - believe its 20 schollies for this year.
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Re: Class of 2015 Recruiting

Postby Crowbar » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:28 pm

A good start, indeed.

DOMINATE THE STATE! And the rest of the country too, while you're at it. :)
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