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Buy tickets from other fans.

Re: Tix

Postby PSUPappy » Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:30 am

Just as a FWIW....we had no luck getting tickets in our home area, but as planned, we drove to State College on Saturday. Got there about 11:30 & within 45 minutes had half a dozen opportunities to buy tix from people with extras. Ended up buying 2 nice seats in lower deck of NK from a guy who has 4 season tix & wasn't using 2 of them. Asking prices generally were in the $150 each range, but we kept offering $100 until this guy agreed. He actually started out offering them for $200 each &, I think, sold them to us because he didn't want to sit next to an OSU fan.

Availability on campus wasn't nearly as widespread, especially as we got closer to the stadium.
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