App State In Game Thread

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Re: App State In Game Thread

Postby Shane » Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:16 pm

Giving up 28 points in the 4th quarter is never a good thing, but it is noteworthy to point out that this wasn’t a pushover team. They received more votes for the top 25 going in to this past week than Iowa.

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Re: App State In Game Thread

Postby Blue&White » Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:36 pm

I'll take an ugly win over a graceful loss everytime. In a few weeks all that will be remembered is the W.
Baseball season!!!!

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Re: App State In Game Thread

Postby PSUgrower » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:14 pm

Agree, a win is a win! I think this game will be a kick in the keister for the Oline! There is no reason PSU shouldn't have been able to run the ball down Apps throat! We have been discussing running it down people's throat for 3 years and this should have been the culmination of those posts. With that being said, the offensive play calling was lackluster. The offense sputtered needs to get their heads out of their arses if they want to win the Big10.

We head into Pitt next week and they will be the litmus test. They have a half decent team and it is on the road! If this team is a true contender they need to win by more than 10 and it should never be in doubt! Next week is huge!

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Re: App State In Game Thread

Postby Crowbar » Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:28 pm

I was at the game so I didn't really read this thread. As such I apologize if I repeat anything that was already said.

1. App State is much better than I and many others gave credit for. They are a passionate team and their fans were quite a passionate bunch too. At this point I think it is a disservice to them to keep bringing up Michigan 2007.

2. I have been to many close games, including Miami 1999, Northwestern 2005, Texas Tech 1995 and (sadly) Minnesota 1999. App State 2018 ranks right up there. I am finally getting my voice back.

3. Winning ugly is better than losing pretty, for sure. But the scratch on the Franklin Ferrari is his teams have a tendency to blow multiple touchdown leads. Sometimes it works out and sometimes you get the 2017 Rose Bowl and 2017 Ohio State. I don't if he calls off the dogs too early or what. But it is a concern now.

4. The crowd at the game was raucous. It was truly awesome to be a part of that. We even gave App State a well deserved standing ovation after the game.

5. In the end, they won and are 1-0. Neither team quit when it would have been easy to. Thankfully the right team won.

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Re: App State In Game Thread

Postby psuro » Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:32 am

This game made me appreciate scotch more than I already had.

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Re: App State In Game Thread

Postby sameoldlama » Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:20 am

Like psuro I was using a similar coping mechanism for a game that was far closer than expected - I was in bar at NJ shore and dreading the PSU haters heckling - I was getting flashbacks to the PSU opening day loss to Toledo way back when .

App State was 9-4 last year / 10-3 is 2016 and won bowl games the last two years including a 34-0 beat down on Toledo last year. They took Tennessee to OT in 2016 and lost by 1 to Wake last year. I knew they were decent but I wasn't anticipating that 4th QT.

The game was close to script through 3 QTs - PSU twice had a 2 TD lead in 4th QT - the D just collapsed. Obviously you expect a team of PSU's caliber to put the game away at that point but very simply App State made plays - the QB (making his first start by the way) made some unbelievable throws and ST caught got with an onsides kick (CJF said coaches warned players they were releasing early and to see the kicker kick ball before releasing - in one ear ....). I was in "Are you Kidding Me-ville" like everyone else but now that I have calmed down ......

The Good
The running game wasn't dominant but 200 yards is certainly respectable. App State played a 3-4 with a lot of pre snap movement that gave PSU fits. For anyone at game I would be curious what they saw on pass plays - looked to me that McS had time on a lot of plays but just couldn't find a target.

Jake Pinegar made all his attempts - that was a big ???? coming into season so that was good to see.

I was fine with all the bodies getting PT - it's opening day - somewhat toasty so you need to rotate guys. I also think in a day an age where a team can play anywhere fro 13-15 games and offenses are more up tempo you need greater depth and to play more guys. Playing a lot of players also sends message to current roster and recruits that you can get a chance to get on the field and earn yourself time - you just won't be buried on the 3 deep for 2 years.

Oh #1 - ain't going lie - I was having an "Oh Emmert" moment when he came out of the end zone on that KO at end of regulation and nearly got hit at the 5 - but that may have saved the game.

McS stayed cool and I think for the young guys seeing their first action will build their confidence they have a leader on the field and if they can get him the ball they are never out of a game. The team also faced adversity - they blew a big lead and looked dead in the water but got the drive to tie it up and then a D that had been getting pummeled came up with the play to seal the W. Shows the young guys to keep fighting and how one play can turn it around.

The Bad
Obviously the defensive collapse was bothersome - partly because we've seen it before (OSU last year, Rose Bowl) - D needs to really find a way to put games away and more importantly react better to negative momentum swings - App state was almost walking in TDs after the onside kick and the punt near end of regulation where App State took lead.

Yeah they got a critical TO to end the game but the D needs to generate more TOs or they are going to get gassed and give up lots of points (especially against teams like OSU, UW).

Juwaan Johnson needs to step up if he is going to fill the ARob, Godwin, Hamilton role - he dropped some catchable balls including a big 40 yarder which lead directly to PSU punting at end of regulation and almost losing game.

ST cost you 14 points between KO return and onsides kick and we didn't get much out of punt returns.

The Lucky
I was actually glad when App State scored that TD with 1:40 left. If the back had step out or went down at the 2 App State could have milked the clock and kicked and scored on 3rd down or just kicked a FG and PSU would have been out of TOs and had nothing on clock. Having the amount of time to work with and the miracle return with a TO put PSU in a position where they didn't need to be in a panic or just look deep.

Overall - much more exciting than I anticipated or my heart / alcohol level intake required but as has been said - 1-0. Just hoping they play all 4 QTs this week,
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Re: App State In Game Thread

Postby Crowbar » Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:05 pm

psuro wrote:This game made me appreciate scotch more than I already had.


I mentioned to the guy next to me I needed to spike my Pepsi with burboun to cope with the stress of the game.

That, of course, was going to be followed by a heart attack.
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Re: App State In Game Thread

Postby hbendle » Wed Sep 05, 2018 3:19 pm

I was there in the upper south endzone. From there one could blatantly see our secondary get burnt 1 on 1 with excruciating consistency. Safety far away from the reception too, was this zone D or no? Linebackers never dropped back to take up passing space, but didn't fill the gaps to stop runs up the gut either. D line seemed ill prepared to react to RPO or playaction -- insufficient pass pressure, RB escapes around the line. It was pretty frustrating overall. And the kick coverage. omg.

Offense was more on the level of satisfactory. 30+ points over the course of a game is a good result IMO, defense notwithstanding... McS had a few cringeworthy throws into coverage downfield, and was forced into too many scrambles, but he also made positive yardage out of it sometimes. Sanders put on a good showing. My only detraction on him is all the time running sideways; he had the speed but seemed like he always wanted to go turn the corner beyond the last receiver for a home run instead of cutting up the field earlier for modest, but more assured, gain.

My only chance at PSU this season so I'm grateful for the W despite the headaches.

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Re: App State In Game Thread

Postby nittwittier » Wed Sep 05, 2018 3:48 pm

A confident kicker was a very nice sight.

The secondary really needs to step up (before OT). DB is the position that Franklin has recruited the strongest during his reign here and those 4/5*s need to start making plays. They have been pretty porous for a few years now. The talent is there, and with Reid back, I expect them to make more stops.

The receiving corps has deep talent but we lack the surety of a Gisecki currently. Maybe somebody will ascend into that role. Was hoping JJ would be that guy but he was not dependable this past game. I have faith in him though.

Our young playmakers are very exciting. Slade, Parsons and Hamler are all flashing, and we havent even seen Shorter yet.

I think this team will be ok, however, neither of the lines inspire confidence. I knew the DL was thin/young but I was very disappointed to see the performance of the o-line. Lot of talent at that position and at times we were getting gashed. What's going to happen when Rashan Gary is starting them down?

What I saw was more or less what I expected but not what I hoped. I think this is a 2-3 loss team (including bowl game) but will probably have one big win. However, if I see the o-line make a big step against Pitt, I will get very excited.

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Re: App State In Game Thread

Postby Blue&White » Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:01 pm

I think this is a good team with the ingredients to be a great team. But, not this year. We lost a lot of experience and talent last year. I think this team is competitive but we are not running the table.
Baseball season!!!!