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Postby tempe » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:18 pm

Nat - well stated. My thought exactly. I wonder if we are playing in the echo of very good coordinators that are now gone. And, as that echo fades, so goes a great team diminishing to a good team.

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Re: Indiana Thread

Postby Shore Lion » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:50 pm

Well only one coordinator was lost. Pry has been the DC since the 2016 season. Look, there have been some questionable calls at times but there was other staff turnover as well. Gattis and Huff were with JF for a long time. That counts for something too. Injuries have hit the DL hard so depth is an issue. The puzzler to me is the drops. That's not coaching but gotta get that figured out. This team still has .Lee talent than Iowa so I'm not writing that off as a kiss before it is played. But they don't beat themselves so it would behoove the staff to make decisions that have a high probability of putting the team in bad positions. Like going for it from the 45 or trying too much trickery when something else is working.

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Re: Indiana Thread

Postby sameoldlama » Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:02 am

I'd say I've been disappointed with some of the vets not making plays more so than our young talent - Hamler has emerged as a big playmaker, Parsons seems to be getting more comfortable and around the ball more frequently, Toney had a great game against IU and Matos is becoming more consistent. Garrett has been making plays. Would like to see Wade and Fields start making more plays. Friermuth (sp?) has been getting an expanded role.

I suspect CJF wants to redshirt some of the young talent (Brown, Dotson, Shorter) so he can and load up for a 4-5 year run.

No doubt this year has been and will continue to be nerve wracking - PSU has already had 3 games come down to the last play and one game come down to last minute of play. And these last two games I didn't have the benefit of alcohol to cope so I wore out the carpet pacing.

If we weren't deeply vested into PSU football we wouldn't be on this board but in the end it's entertainment - none of us recruit the players, prep them or call any of the plays - so nothing we do impacts the outcome of the game so you can only take so much joy or misery out of the result. Unless CJF becomes a board member and starts reviewing posts and replies "Yeah I'm going to try that next week" just need to get together with friends, pop a beer and enjoy the ride.
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Re: Indiana Thread

Postby Blue&White » Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:42 am

Hamler has been amazing. Every time he catches the ball you expect something big to happen. And, decent percentage of the time it does. If he can stay healthy that kid has a bright future ahead of him. It's not just his speed, which is impressive. It's his skill as well. He seems to have fantastic on-field vision, he has solid hands, he runs solid routes, and he has great hands. He is the full package. The only downsize is his height - standing at only 5'9" he needs to get that break from people or dbacks can tip the ball from him.

Parsons has been getting better but he still has a ways to go in my opinion. But, we are barely a half dozen games into his college football career. He has a lot of raw talent and good speed and size. With experience and coaching I expect him to be the Next Big Thing at linebacker for PSU. The college game - especially at this level - is a lot faster and the players are a lot stronger than what he experience in high school. In high school you have a handful of players who are Big 10 caliber. In college, especially once you get to conference play, it's all of them. That takes some adjusting. But, I think he will get it. He looks like he's improving week on week. His first game or 2 it was like he didn't know what to do.

I think our main risk next year is we will have a new QB to break in. But, we've seen both QBs get some playing time and they look like they have skill. We lost 13 starters to the NFL last year between the draft and free agency. That is a lot of talent to replace. Given that, I think we look pretty good. Sure, we have to painful, heartbreaking losses. It happens. But, I like where we are and I like the talent we have. I'd like to see more consistency in the kicking game and Franklin to get over some of his game coaching yips but I think this team is poised for a big run in 2019.
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Re: Indiana Thread

Postby hbendle » Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:46 am

My silver lining is that they managed to avoid putting the "F" in WTF by their narrow escape, after gaining W. and T. on the previous two games...