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Northwestern Pre-Game

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:24 am
by We Are...2
I needed to take a "perspective pill" after the IU game. While the score doesn't reflect the feeling of the game, it is still however - the score. I have some concerns about this Sat. First and foremost is what we are all thinking - NOON kickoff and away game. Has been a lethal combo for us too many times to mention. Second the lose of Gieseke at least for this week. He needs to rest and I guess we will see just extensive the injury is. (I agree with holding out until Michigan - we will need him there). Third, the o-line is getting pushed around - the deep threat is deminished due the fact that McSorely doesn't have the time for routes to develop. This needs to get corrected. Fourth, field goals unit MUST be fixed - this will cost us a close game - period, if not corrected soon!

I am not convinced NW has the team to beat PSU - however, I am concerned that PSU can beat themselves. Practice and prep for this game will tell a lot on where this team is mentally. This game could be the turning point for this team. I truly think we see what this team will become this week.

FYI- Have read several articles on how NW took the loss to Wisky. HARD , would be putting it mildly. They have true O-line problems and short yardage conversion issues. One bright light for PSU going into this game will be that our D is trending up - way up. If we can pressure the QB and get into the backfield - it could be a long day for NW.
Their players are staring at the possibility of 0-2 start to the Big Ten schedule. They are not talking about beating PSU, they are talking surviving. If we could jump on this team early - it might just be the final blow...if they hang around, well, they have nothing to lose. I'll take the former.

Re: Northwestern Pre-Game

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:33 am
by sameoldlama
Oh no, no, no - see what of the worry warts and panic monkeys have done - they have tampered the unbridled enthusiasm of We..Are2. Can't have it.
We...Are2 - we need the infectious optimism that defined your on-line persona last year. We have more than our required share of over analytical, obsessive - compulsive, Cubs syndrome fans who are afraid to get their hopes up because we are afraid to dream we just might see a NC one more time before we leave this earth. We're afraid to invest emotionally because we don't want to be let down again so we look for reasons to downplay our excitement for what we are all hoping to see.

Well not me ...... CJF and company and We...Are2 pulled me back in. I'm on train and threw away the brake handles and don't care about flashing red lights. Go State.

Re: Northwestern Pre-Game

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:02 pm
by We Are...2
sameoldlama wrote: I'm on train and threw away the brake handles and don't care about flashing red lights. Go State.

Fear not Lama, I am conducting the optimism train. I was trying to temper what seems to be a general uneasiness about our offense. Given the fact that we play so well under adversity, it's hard for me (as a fan) and I feel team to play at that same level when they are leading. I know it goes against all logic, but we simply play better from behind - and by better I mean more crisp and execute more effectively. I wish they would go to the 2 min hurry up on every drive.
That said - I hate 11am games - period! I think this team will head out to Evanston with a purpose. McSorley is one game away from righting the offensive ship. If the O-line can hold a few blocks, it's bombs away. I am very comfortable in our receiving corps. It's time...and Barkley needs the room to run inside!
2 things (and the FG issue) are holding this team from being unstoppable. One of the two gets corrected this week - why? Because this team continues to grow and learn. They have consistently gotten better and that makes them very dangerous. You can not defend one or two things, they adapt to well.
So, fear not - I haven't backed off a National Championship season one ioda...Come Sat. morning the optimism train will come barreling into Evanston full steam!

Re: Northwestern Pre-Game

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:18 pm
by Shore Lion
NW's QB is not the most mobile guy out there. I think that is a good matchup for PSU. I'm sure their gameplan will be to get the ball out quick. It's hard to have a lot of sacks when teams do that. But keep this in mind: PSU is one of the leaders in tackles for loss in the whole country. So when that ball does come out it's often a short throw behind the line. Thus far PSU has done a pretty good job of defending that and making tackles right away. As long as they keep that going they will be fine. PSU is to the point now that even when they have an "off" day in one aspect of the team they can simply "out athlete" the other guys. Don't turn the ball over and PSU should be able to run away from NW.

Re: Northwestern Pre-Game

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:29 pm
by We Are...2
Shore Lion wrote:NW's QB is not the most mobile guy out there. I think that is a good matchup for PSU. I'm sure their gameplan will be to get the ball out quick..

It's ironic that when questioned after the Wisky loss - the NW qb mentioned not being able to get the ball out fast enough. Wisky got a lot of push and pinched in the pocket. I completely agree that PSu is one of the best at tackling in space - and a lot of times for a loss. PSU's strength going into this one will be the D and how effective they get pressure and cause turn-overs. They are playing with a purpose!

Re: Northwestern Pre-Game

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:11 pm
by Underlion
Seems like it will be a team with an immobile QB and no offensive line trying to get the ball out quick. Remember that game plan Hackenberg? I miss those play selections. What did we run, the bubble screen, slant, bubble screen punt.

Maybe having the blocking TE in will let SB get out more and Gesecki gets two weeks off. Good deal.

I'll worry about UM and even more about OSU away. Let Franklin worry about NW NW NW.

Re: Northwestern Pre-Game

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:49 am
by We Are...2
Some food for thought heading into Sat:

The Nittany Lions are two-touchdown favorites against Northwestern in Evanston. Penn State was a big favorite vs. Iowa and had to rally for a 21-19 victory. Are the Lions really two touchdowns better? Consider what Northwestern has done in its first four games. Pat Fitzgerald's Wildcats had to rally from 10 down to beat Nevada and NU was shredded by Duke in a 41-17 road loss. Blue Devils quarterback Daniel Jones threw for more than 300 yards and ran for more than 100. The Wildcats were held to 22 rushing yards by Duke and Wisconsin sacked Northwestern quarterback Clayton Thorson eight times last Saturday. Hmm.

Re: Northwestern Pre-Game

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:02 am
by Blue&White
Ok, I'm sick of the Mr. T meme so I'm going to take a chance and see if we can win without me posting it.

If we lose, I'll take full responsibility.

Anyway, I think this is similar to the IU game - we win handily, it's never in doubt, and it's generally a boring game where we find loads of things to complain about and worry about as we get closer to Michigan and OSU.

Re: Northwestern Pre-Game

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:17 am
by We Are...2
B&W has managed to encapsulate what most of us are feeling in that, we tend to nit-pick at things just because we can. Last week was never in doubt, however that allowed us to focus on things we might have missed in a close game. It's funny how success can render us all arm chair coaches.

I think we will see a lot of things corrected this week. As I have mentioned before, McSorely may be able to take full advantage of the passing options - if the line can give him some time. NW is giving up CHUNKS of downfield yardage and not to good at stopping the run. Out O-line will be key for Barkley running inside - I think he will have some big runs (inside) later in the game due to their D-line being fatigued. I am also willing to bet we see no kicks come close to Barkley on the kick off.

I have looked into NW 4 previous games and find a great deal of solace in the fact that they are simply not that good. I will give them a 11:00am game at home but even that is only worth 3 points in my book. I have a pretty good feeling that PSU scores a lot and by various means. This D is firing on all cylinders and I think get involved early and often.

Food for thought: Barkley hasn't attempted a Field Goal ...yet - just sayin!

Re: Northwestern Pre-Game

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:21 am
by Blue&White
I think we will see a lot of things corrected this week

I think the opposite. I think we will have continued frustrations over the weaknesses we see.

The reality is that no team - not even mighty Alabama - has it all together at every single position. The trick is to put a squad together where the pluses out weight the weaknesses. We've got that squad. Is it good enough to run the table? I think it is, but that doesn't mean they will. Someone may expose enough of our weaknesses to beat us. We have a few tough away games to get through and that is where I think the risk is. I like us at home vs. Michigan but back to back road games in Columbus and East Lansing is a tough. That's where the pitfalls are, I think.