Michigan State In-Game

Jerry Garcia
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Re: Michigan State In-Game

Postby Jerry Garcia » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:27 am

Funny you mention Meyer's in-game mien, Carl, as the rout became apparent. The guy burned out once already, and if I had to make a Vegas prediction on his future right now, I'd take odds on him leaving OSU in the next two years. Lord knows the guy has players that rival Alabama's, 2- and 3-deep, but he's overseen basically three uncharacteristic beatings in, what, the last 10 games? His face in the 4th quarter did not reflect that of a head coach dying to set things straight beginning early tomorrow, but more of a guy thinking about how good that 3rd glass of 25-yr old scotch is going to taste. Just my opinion, of course...