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Random Musings

Postby Underlion » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:58 pm

ESPN (The Evil Empire) has to much influence on the football playoffs and they use it to the benefit of the SEC network which they own. AL loses they tell us how they will make the playoffs. They tell us why the B10 Champ does not deserve a spot. They pull out an odd statistic that suggests AL had a tougher schedule then OSU when everyone else is using a strength of schedule statistic that shows AL around 50.

If the playoff goes to 8 teams the first round should be at the higher ranked teams stadium. Maybe for once a B10 team will get home field advantage. Won't happen but I do so want to see AL playing in the snow :lol:

PSU Cheerleaders and Lion, is it not time to spruce them up some? I get we do not recruit 5* Miss America Cheerleaders, like some schools, and I'm Ok with that but they and the Lion could use a uniform upgrade. I'm sure the cheerleaders cheer great and have nice personalities :roll:

In an effort to speed the game slowed down by reviews and protect players we now have taken a page from baseball and the phantom double play. Get close to the sticks going OOB and we give you the first down. Measurements are almost non existent now? It is clear a decision has been made to give the phantom first down.

If we are so concerned about players health shouldn't we make the pads cover the knees? Do they require a mouth guard like in Pee Wee football or do players have the liberty to decide if they want to protect their teeth?

When is a son old enough to clean the turkey for soup after carving? How do you pass the knife? Cosby (dare I use that name) had a show where he passes the knife to his oldest son via a ceremony.

Is learning to take a snap under center difficult? If we did on 3rd and 1 would it be considered a trick play? How about if we actually passed the ball on 3rd and one after going under center? Is that an illegal procedure? That would really be an unexpected trick play.

Can you keep a QB by creating a special name for him? 'No, I can't give you a raise but I'll give you a title' (worked on Woody in a Cheers show).

Is it a procedure penalty now if the halfback gets the handoff while moving forward? These rule changes are confusing to us old guys...probably a way of protecting halfbacks?

Will the NCAA go back to listing more info? Minority graduation rate? average SAT score by University?

Will TV go back to televising where the players are from and their major? They are student athletes right?