2017 Team Thread

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Re: 2017 Team Thread

Postby PSUgrower » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:24 pm

I haven't been on the board lately so I didn't see someone post this earlier. Proceed with 2017 team thread

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Re: 2017 Team Thread

Postby Crowbar » Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:35 pm

If that worthless loser Mike Francesca is mad at JF, then that makes me love JF that much more.

Eff Mike Francesca.

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Re: 2017 Team Thread

Postby Blue&White » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:57 am

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Re: 2017 Team Thread

Postby Shore Lion » Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:46 pm

I saw that article earlier as well. And I don't think that it is an absolute certainty that Moorhead leaves PSU at the end of this season. He's already getting paid big bucks, he's been a head coach so he knows what's involved so it would have to be for all the right reasons. He's from PA, his wife's family is from PA and he's happy in the valley (see what I did there? :lol: )

I just don't see him jumping to a MAC school or something like that. A Power 5 job, yeah maybe he goes but not for just any head coaching job.

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Re: 2017 Team Thread

Postby Blue&White » Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:04 pm

Prior to that article I was not aware that a) he was from western PA and b) his wife is from the central PA area and her family still lived there. I assumed him leaving was a given but now I'm not so sure. If he continues to have this kind of success I'd think that, eventually, he moves on, but maybe not after this year. You know the saying "happy wife/happy life" I'm sure and his wife may not be so eager to move away from her folks. Of course, when you marry a college football coach, you probably do that knowing you're going to move around a bunch. Most of those jobs have a short shelf life. The number of coaches who linger at one school for a long time is small. Assistant coaches are all looking for that next upward step to coordinator, coordinators are all looking to be a head coach, and head coaches are either getting fired for not winning or looking for a bigger pay day because they won. There are very small - somewhere around 12 or so - "final stop" type of jobs in college football. Schools were, as long as your winning, you have no reason to look for a bigger and better deal because those schools can pay you to stay. Penn State is one. I'd say Michigan and OSU are on that list. Alabama obviously. USC. Notre Dame. Probably UF and FSU. Texas. I think Oklahoma and Nebraska make that list, although Nebraska hasn't been really relevant in a while. But, if they find that right coach (who can overcome their major recruiting disadvantage) that person will be set. But, unless you are the head coach at one of those schools, and you continue to win, it's a very transitory lifestyle.

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Re: 2017 Team Thread

Postby We Are...2 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:45 am

Barkley on the HYPE for Heisman and the NFL:

“I wouldn’t say it’s pressure at all,” Barkley said. “The reason I say it’s not pressure is I don’t care for it. I don’t care for the attention or the Heisman hype or whenever the hype comes around.

Sounds about right...
What the H... was that? Oh, Barkley!

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Re: 2017 Team Thread

Postby Underlion » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:52 pm

Either a handler has taught him how to talk or he has a good heart. Either way it is worth 5 draft positions and a lot of $ at the next level. It also is helpful to the PSU team to have a leader like him.

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Re: 2017 Team Thread

Postby chas » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:41 am

Some observations-

Things I do not get

1. Why do members of our fan base find ESPN announcers negative about Penn State? On Saturday nite Fowler and Herbie were as positive as anyone could reasonably expect them to be towards the Lions. PSU was, "bigger and faster than Iowa." The defense was "fast and aggressive". Saquon was, well "Unbelievable, the strongest player in college football, and he's a running back!". We had an, "explosive, big play offense". BTW, they did not have much criticism for the offense when the O repeatedly failed to turn drives into tds. They easily could/should have said that the PSU offense, "is not living up to its press clippings." All in all they could have had much more criticism than I heard. The O and special teams deserved some negatives.

2. What's with all this Pitt crap on the message boards? I grew up in Columbus and lived in Harrisburg until I was twenty. I married and lived in Lancaster County. Pitt was a speed bump on the schedule when I attended PSU. I don't get the rivalry that the older members of the fan base and the guys from western PA have. I do not think the players do either, except for the trash they see on social media . PSU lost to Pitt last year and the season was not over for them. Pitt lost this year and their team has tanked. Maybe Coach N will take note and not make the game the be all and end all for his team that he has made it since the series resumed? They have certainly suffered as a result.

3. Why do we see any talk about polls? Polls mean nothing. Get to the end of the season with no more than one loss and a conference championship and we are in the playoff. Clemson had a loss and was taken into overtime last year and they got in. So will we if we take care of business.

4. People actually asked for Tommy Stevens to take over on Saturday nite? Are they serious? Do these people understand what Trace means to this team? What body of work has anyone seen from Stevens showing that he deserves to take over? Trust the staff and that they know what they are doing. There will be a day for Tommy, but that day will be in 2019.

Things I do get

1. I have always held that Mike Reid was the greatest player in the history of the program. Not be a little, but by a huge measure. I do not have that belief any longer. We are seeing something from Saquon that only fans of Barry Sanders, OJ and Jim Brown were privileged to see. He is a transcendent talent. Even the announcers are at a loss of words to describe his play, they often laugh before attempting to describe his latest play. How fortunate we are to see this young man play.

2. Keegan-Michael Key does an incredible impersonation of Coach Franklin. The voice and the look are spot on. Check out his ESPN Game Day spot from Saturday. When he turns around, points to the crowd, and says "Saquon!", you just have to laugh.

3. Has anyone else looked at the OL in their stance prior to the snap? I trust our coaches, but these guys seem to have their center of gravity back over their heels. SG looked like he was going to pinch a loaf on most plays.

4. Juwan Johnson picked a good nite to become a primary target. Something for him to build upon.

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Re: 2017 Team Thread

Postby Blue&White » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:58 pm

I'm curious as to where you saw comments about ESPN. I think they were happy to pounce on us during the whole Sandusky fiasco but I think that is more because they are whores than anything anti-Penn State (although I think a lot of them hated Joe). And, where did you see people were calling for Tommy Stevens? I'm ok to work him into the offense a little like they did against GSA to break things up, but this team wins and loses with McSorely. I can't believe anyone thinks otherwise.

Regarding Barkley, my memory isn't as trustworthy as it used to be so I can't say for certain he's the best I've ever seen, but it sure feels like it most days. That kid has a motor that never stops. I think he is the best player in college football right now. When he goes in the draft this coming spring (I can't imagine he's not going out) he's going to be a huge loss. Without him, we are a 3 - 1 team right now and looking at a 3 or 4 loss season. With him, we have a real chance to run the table.

I didn't notice what you did with the O-line but something isn't right there. Hopefully they can clean it up for the rest of the schedule.

Regarding Johnson, I keep thinking that kid has the size and speed to be a #1 WR. For some reason he just doesn't seem to showcase that. He's a big target. He's like TE big. He should be playing like a Michael Irvin type of receiver (not saying he has that talent, but he has that size). He vanished from the offense the Pitt and GSA games for the most part. Glad to see him back last week. I really think that he can be an impact player, but he needs to get open and we need to use him more.

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Re: 2017 Team Thread

Postby pennstate92 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:19 am

I think the Penn Live message board had a few folks complaining about McSorley. I don't think it was as epidemic as some made it out to be though. No doubt most sane fans understand that McSorley's the man.
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