College Sports Scandals

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Re: College Sports Scandals

Postby psuro » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:45 am

The requirements to sit out when transferring go way back to the early days of college sports when really good athletes would "barnstorm' and play for one school one year, and another school another year - usually because some rich alumni lined the player's pockets (sound familiar?) and got him to leave his first school and play for the rich alum's alma mater the next. So, the genesis of the transfer rules goes back pretty far.

The NCAA has made notable exceptions on transferring with immediate eligibility, specifically if a program gets the death penalty (SMU) or if the University ends the football program (UAB, Wichita State). Or severe sanctions are imposed (Penn State). Beyond that, it's case by case.

Field's attorney is the same guy that was Shea Patterson's attorney. He argued, on behalf of the Patterson family, that sitting out would be unjust for Patterson because Ole Miss did not notify him that they may receive sanctions and that their would be no bowl game opportunities, and opportunities for Patterson to showcase his talents. Frankly, it's a reasonable hypothesis. And considering the opportunity for immediate eligibility was granted to players who transferred from Penn State after the sanctions hit- there is precedent set.

For Fields, when the story leaked he was thinking of transferring, an article showed up online that his family had hired the same attorney and that the racial comments made during the game would be basis for getting immediate eligibility. Whether they knew something in advance, or whether Fields' attorney happened to think along the same lines - no idea.

The NCAA was in a no win situation here. If they held up the immediate eligibility, then they would have been roasted by the general public for not being cognizant of racial issues. Had they not held up immediate eligibility, then...well, they get roasted by college sports fans, which are a small subset of the larger population. Frankly, I don't think they had a choice.

Had everything else been the same and Fields wanted to transfer to Indiana, Vanderbilt, Temple, Oregon State - I don't think anything would have changed. I have read elsewhere that some people think the NCAA is only allowing this because of OSU. It's not really. His transfer to OSU irks the Penn State crowd, for a couple of reasons, but realistically if everything had been the same, the NCAA would have let him have immediate eligibility pretty much anywhere he wanted to go. OSU works out for Fields as the guy that was a starter for one year will probably be a first round pick. OSU's offense seems to fit Fields (from what I have seen of his skill). And quite frankly, OSU has a successful program and has put a lot of players in the NFL. I would imagine someone of Field' talent is eyeing the NFL for his long term future.

I am not really bothered by the transfer and immediate eligibility of Fields.

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Re: College Sports Scandals

Postby Blue&White » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:06 am

I don't think this is because he went to OSU, per se. I think it's because he's a big name kid who went to a big time school. If he wanted to go to another big time school, I think it's the same result. If he wanted to go to, say, Akron, I'm not so sure. I don't think it gets the press coverage and I don't think the NCAA feels pressured.

As for your point about it being a no-win situation for them - perhaps, but who's fault is that? I think a large part of the issue is the NCAA has little credibility. And, they brought this on themselves. But, their willingness to bow to media pressure (which had not yet been applied) and but hold the line on similar situations creates an environment of distress and inherent unfairness. They are not consistent and they selectively enforce the rules. This is one example. And, perhaps if this was a singular exception it would be easier to just let it slide. But, it's not.
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Re: College Sports Scandals

Postby PSUgrower » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:39 pm

I don't care where the kid wanted to go, but I believe that him going to OSU helped him not sit out a year. My big point is that this decision sets a precedence for the NCAA. The NCAA now has a transfer portal for kids to transfer to other schools. There needs to be consistency and the NCAA continues to show there is ZERO consistency. I hope he gets hit so hard that his legs face one way and his head faces another :D